Yoga Limbo

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This is a favorite for ALL ages. Your kids will beg for this every single day. The best time to use this song is at the beginning of class when children are still trailing into the room. You turn on the music, have a couple of adults (if available) or children hold the strap as a limbo stick and start the fun.

You want the kids to get their yoga in, even though the back bend under the strap is a good stretch in itself. So start with WARRIOR I. When you get up to the strap, limbo! After everyone has gone, you can switch to GODDESS. Lower the strap to the floor and have them CRAB WALK under the strap. Then TOOTSIE ROLL, lay sideways on the floor and roll under the strap. Boys also like to do an ARMY CRAWL. Kids will come up with all kinds of movements during this song. They won’t realize how much yoga they are doing in the middle of all that fun.