Si Eres Feliz y lo Sabes

Si Eres Feliz y lo Sabes



Ah, an old familiar classic we all cherish from our own school days. This is a great song for ALL ages, and especially the younger yogis (ages 2-7). It is great because the words are repetitive enough to catch on, many children already know this song, and who doesn’t LOVE to sing along?! This song fits in a whopping 7 poses: MOUNTAIN, STAR, RAGDOLL, HERO, LION, FORWARD BEND, and TABLE. It also incorporates a little laughing Yoga just before prompting them to rest. Great for the end of a class, classroom break, pre-naptime ritual with your preschooler, or just anytime you need a little “happy” in your day! We are happy and we KNOW you’re the BEST!