Hip Hop Yoga Bop

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Hip Hop Yoga Bop is a great song that introduces yoga words and concepts, encourages daily practice, with a fun hip-hop sound that makes ya wanna dance! Kids of all ages love to show off their dance moves–just turn on the music and watch their bodies start going. It’s like they can’t help it. This song is fun with some toy microphones for either one “lead singer” or for each child to really get into the rap portion. The original version of this song leaves freedom to pick your own yoga poses to teach during the song. Use this song as a way of teaching or practicing the poses you plan to incorporate into a game or story later in class. Try doing a different dance each time you hear “Hip hop everybody bop,” like the robot, shopping cart, crump, swim, disco, OR whatever your body wants. Another song that would be great for birthday parties, special events, or a fun family class. Like yoga, this song is really cool–so share it with your friends in your school. Remember to practice every day!