Here Comes the Little Yogi

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What to say about “Here Comes the Little Yogi?”

It’s SUPER FUN!!! This is a great song to do with all ages–girls tend to really love it. Remember the game Little Sally Walker? It’s like that. This would be a fun song for a party, gym class, family Yoga class, and just anytime you’ve got a group gathered for some FUN. If you have a large group, put a few yogis in the middle so more people get a turn. For smaller groups, just one yogi will do, and everyone does the pose of the person in the center. We like to do 2-sided poses in this song like WARRIOR 1/2/3, DANCER, TREE, EAGLE, TRIANGLE, PYRAMID, DOWNWARD DOG/UPWARD DOG, and of course YOU can choose any pose you like! When the song says, “SWITCH,” then new people move to the middle and start skipping! Find your groove, move your bod, and put a smile on your face!