About Us

Yoga is Stress Management for kids and at Kidding Around Yoga we have been taking the science of yoga very seriously since 2000.  

Kidding Around Yoga has developed a 2 day and online trainings for folks who work with children. It is full of interesting ways to share this ancient practice with the young yogis in your life. And if that isn't enough we've got a 95 hour training and a summer sleep over family camp!

Our music CDs are full of fun activities that keep your kids moving and grooving, massaging, dancing, jogging, laughing, chanting, and of course practicing yoga. 


Welcome to our online shop where you can purchase many items to enhance your yoga practice and for your child too. We have cds, dvds, jewelry, clothing, and gifts for your enjoyment. These products have been field tested personally by KAY. If you want to take your yoga practice seriously or work with kids THESE are the dvds and cds we recommend. In fact all of the products on our site are products that we have been using for years. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

By purchasing something from our shop you help to ensure that Kidding Around Yoga is able to continue the Karma Yoga efforts that we practice internationally. KAY donates to S.I.S. (Satchidananda in Service) www.sis.org. We also teach yoga classes at Camp Harmony (www.unitedinharmony.org) in Malibu, California to homeless and below poverty level kids. We teach at a title one school where we are located in St. Petersburg, Fla. It is also a common practice for us to be very generous with discounts for our trainings. How do we do this you ask? One way is if you shop in our store to support what we do! 


Please contact info@kiddingaroundyoga.com for more info on this program. 

We are always adding new products to our store so check back with us often. 


Om Shanti