Yoga Nagila in German

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Hava Nagila is a traditional Israeli dance that is enjoyed by many worldwide. Leave it to our creative Jewish yogi, Haris, to make this fun for every BODY. It’s gentle yet fun… it even includes a little chant that Haris says came from many generations of Lenders from the Passover seder table.

Before you begin, have the kids practice the chant by saying: “Repeat after me… YuBuBuLaLaLaLaLa”. Do it three or four times so they GET IT. Then do it with your hands like an orchestra conductor. Then do it in CHAIR pose.

Teach the leg moves quickly before you begin. Holding hands and moving to the left first. Right leg back, left leg out, repeat. After you’ve done it twice you have a crazy free dance. We recommend you do three things:
1. Arms out. Hands to elbows as you kick your legs out.
2. Do-si-do
3. Go BACK into the circle so you are ready for the third round. But FIRST do some Israeli dancing where you walk into the middle of the circle holding hands and put them up and then walk back out and bring them back… repeat 3 or 4 times and make sure you are ready for the third round.

If you don’t have a short brief on the moves and the chant first, there’s a good chance they will be falling all over themselves. Tons of fun for EVERYONE. L’Chaim! Enjoy!