A Yogi Went to Sea

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This song is great for that ocean or beach-themed Kids Yoga class, yoga birthday party, or just for a little nautical playtime. Yogis of ALL ages will love this fun song, the young ones especially. It is a great workout for the belly!

Begin seated in a cross-legged position. When you hear the song say, “A yogi went to sea…,” place your hand over your brow as if you are looking off into the distance and move from one side to the other–looking in both directions. Each verse will have a destination pose: BOAT, DOLPHIN, HERON, and FISH. In each verse you’ll do that verse’s pose, repeat the ones before it, and always come back to BOAT pose. While in Boat, focus on breathing deeply (our friendly pirate will remind you to do your pranayama!). So you’ve gotta be listening and ready to MOVE. It’s super fun and you’ll be laughing right along with the kids as you move from pose to pose. At the end of the song, they will want to KERPLUNK on their backs, just like the song suggests.