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Kidding Around Yoga Deck


With The Kidding Around Yoga Deck, children learn the ancient science of Yoga in a playful, kid-friendly way. Concise and engaging, these cards provide instruction for over 50 poses, breathing practices, mindfulness and meditation activities, games, and online access to original music and videos. The Kidding Around Yoga Deck is perfect for children to use on their own, with friends, or even in a classroom to build strength, flexibility, balance, focus, and confidence.


Yoga Stories

Discover and practice yoga through these fun Yoga Stories written by Kidding Around Yoga's creator, Haris Lender, and Kidding Around Yoga's first licensee, Cassie Dixon. These 15 stories will take you on a yoga adventure with over 50 poses and pictures.


Greatest Hits CD | Downloadable

DOWNLOAD ONLY. Can’t decide WHICH SONG to purchase? How about our bundle pack of greatest hits? 28 great yoga songs! You can’t go wrong. When you order, you will be emailed the link to download it. Make sure to check your email and spam folders. Titles include:  Every Little Cell, Toe-Ga, Really Stinky Feet, Down By the Bay, Head Shoulders Yoga Pose Remix, Here Comes the Little Yogi, Jogging Thru the Jungle, La Cucaracha, Laughter Yoga, Sergeant Salutation, This Little Light of Mine, Yoga Makes Me Strong, Om Work, Yoga Nagila, The Yoga Slide, The Yogi Shake, A Yogi Went to Sea, A Yogi Went Yodeling, Yummy Yoga, If You're Happy & You Know It, Yoga Limbo, My Little Light, Skip Around the Room, Massage Train, May the Long Time Sun
Journey to the Peaceful Garden, Garden Dreams and Om Shanti.