Crazy Monkey

Crazy Monkey

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Crazy Monkey is a FUN song just to sing in the car with your kids. It explains why we meditate and why Kidding Around Yoga sees the importance of teaching meditation to children. It was not originally planned as an activity song, but several of our teachers have used it at the beginning of class to help the kids relieve the “crazy monkey mind” prior to teaching meditation. It is a fun song to act out since kids LOVE acting like monkeys and they LOVE getting up & down!

*Note: to be more culturally sensitive, replace the word “Crazy” with “Silly” when talking about this song or how the yogis felt before meditation (unfortunately, we cannot change the song name, but you can change your language).

Start in TREE pose (Vrksasana), because the monkey is up in the tree. Groove when the monkey starts groovin’ and then act like a monkey! When the song says, “I think I’ll meditate to clear my mind…” sit down in a cross-legged pose and “meditate.” Get up when the next verse begins and “shake it loose,” fall down when monkey does, get back up, stumble around and act like an even sillier monkey! Basically, follow the song and don’t be afraid to act REALLY silly and be REALLY loud! The more excited we are about the song, the more animated the kids will be. On the last verse, we like to hop around on one foot like we got stung by a scorpion and it hurts! Add a little screaming in with the monkey act, and VOILA, you have a super silly monkey! By the time you finish getting up and down with the song (3-4 different times), the kids are out of breath and oh-so-ready to meditate.