Cada Celula de mi Cuerpo

Cada Celula de mi Cuerpo



Every Little Cell is a FUN song (aren’t they all though?) to use at the beginning of class just to get the kids out of the day and into the mindset for Yoga class. It’s also great to use at home if your kids (or you!) are having a rough day, and you just wanna move and get some happiness flowing through your veins! All ages will like this song, but the younger children really enjoy it (preschool-7 years old). It is great for those preschoolers and toddlers who need to learn where their body parts are located too! You can move as quickly or as slowly as you like through this song with regards to teaching/touching the various “cells” in the body.

Just follow the words, and pat your body all over every time you hear the chorus “Every Little Cell.” Poses include CHAIR, RAGDOLL, and LION. Do this song anytime you need to add a little “HAPPY” to your day :).